Army and Navy Academy Dormitory Building:Carlsbad: CA 2-Story Wood Frame Construction.
Siddiqi Residence: Redmond, Washington. 9000 S.F. Custom Home
Park: Lancaster: CA, One and 2-Story Track Homes.
Quartz Hill 26:, Palmdale: CA, One and 2-Story Track Homes.
Jensen Residence: San Juan Capistrano, 10000 S.F. Custom Home.
Courtland: Los Angeles CA, 96 units Apartment Building, 4 stories Wood Frame over 3 levels of subterranean garage.
Ronald McDonald: Orange, CA 3-Story Wood Frame Residences.
Speigel Residence: 6074 J.Muir Rd., Hidden Hills, CA. 7,000 S.F. Custom Homes.
Grandview: 831 So. Grandview, Los Angeles, CA. 4-Story 32 unit Apartment Buildings. Wood Frame over 2 levels Subterranean Garage.
Sherman Apartments: 15015 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, CA. 4-Story Apartments, Wood Frame over Subterranean Garage.
Encino 5: Dempsy & Haskell Ave., Encino, CA. 5 Custom Homes.
Quartz Hill 26: Track 44097, Palmidale, CA. Track Homes. One and 2-Story.
Courtland: 1355 Court St. Los Angeles, CA. 96 units Apt. Building. 4-Story Wood Frame over 3 levels Subterranean Garage.
Crystal View Estates: Raymond Dr. & High Road, Thousand Oaks, CA. One and 2-Story, Track Homes.