Skyzone: Trampoline Park, 20,000 S.F and Mezzanine, Ventura, California
Walmart: New built and remodels, 100,000 S.F. Numerous location, California and other states.
Home Depot: New built, 90,000 S.F. Numerous locations, California and other states.
BJ’s Restaurants: New built, 20,000 S.F Numerous locations in California,
Florida, Texas.
Nanbo Commercial Center / Guam: 68,000 S.F. Retail Mall / Office Building.
J.C. Penny: Prince Kultio Plaza, Hilo, Hawaii, one story Masonry & Steel Frame, Department store.
Orange Coast College Sailing Center/ Newport Beach, CA 3 story Steel/Wood Frame Construction.
Rancho San Clemente Corporate Centre / San Clemente: 65,000 S.F. Office Building (Housing the City of San Clemente’s Community Development and Public Works Departments).
Murphy Corporate Headquarters / Irvine: 100,000 S.F. four story Office Building plus two Story Parking Structure.
Reynard Industries Headquarters / San Clemente: 20,000 S.F. Office /
Research Manufacturing Building with Clean Rooms for micro optics.
Energy Suspension Headquarters / San Clemente: 44,000 S.F. Office /
Manufacturing Building for urethane injection molding.
Joan Baker Designs / San Clemente: 25,000 S.F. Office/Dock High Distribution Center Building.
Ewing/ Cypress/ CA, 4 new tilt-up buildings 200,000 S.F.
Firestone Lakewood: 9001 Firestone Blvd, Downey, CA. 2-Story Retail Remodel, American Saving Bank.
Mailer Software: 22382 Avenida Empressa, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. 2-Story 33,000 S.F. Office / Industrial.
Precision Preparation: 30212 Tomas St., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. 17,000 S.F. Office / Manufacturing.
Mission Viejo Freeway Ctr. : 25752 El Paseo, Mission Veijo, CA. One Story Wood Frame.
LockHart Philips: 151 Calle Iglesia, San Clemente, CA. 16,000 S.F. Office /
Industrial, 2-Story Tilt-up.
Horizon Cable: 1021 Calle Recordo, San Clemente, CA. 2-Story, Tilt-up.
Munson Properties: 23182 Alcalde Dr., Laguna Hills, CA. 1-Story, Tilt-up.
Capistrano Solarium: 1010 Calle Recondo, San Clemente, CA. 2-Story, 20,000 S.F. Office / Warehouse, Tilt-up Buildings.
Blair Towing: 20601 Prism Place,Lake Forest, CA. 2-Story, 21,000 S.F. Office / Industrial, Tilt-up.
Blair Classic Cars: 20601 Prism Place,Lake Forest, CA. New Tilt-up Buildings.
Control Components Inc (CCI): Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.
McMain Center: Main St., Macarthur, Santa Ana, CA. New Tilt-up Buildings.
Hunter Graphics: 21 Argonaut, Laguna Hills, CA. 2-Story 20,000 S.F. Office /
Pacific Park Business Ctr: 39 Argonaut, Laguna Hills, CA. 2-Story Tilt-up.
San Juan Mini-Storage: Alipaz & Calle Rolando, San Juan Capistrano, CA. One Story Masonry.
Hoffman Building: 1000 Calle Amanecer, San Clemente, CA. 2-Story Tilt-up.
Pco Partners: 950 Calle Amanecer, San Clemente, CA. 2-Story 18,000 S.F. Office /Industrial. Tilt-up Buildings.
Alcalde Building: 22982 Alcalde, Laguna Hills, CA. 2-Story Tilt-up.
The Arbors: Redland Blvd. Loma Linda, CA. One Story, tilt-up Buildings.
Circuit City: New built and remodels, 60,000 S.F Numerous locations, California, Texas.